Offsite Legal File Storage

If you’re a lawyer, losing a file could very well mean losing a case!

Offsite Legal File Storage

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Poor legal document storage practices could cause an otherwise closed case to be reopened. Can you say “grounds for appeal?”

Not only does SafeGuard offer the lowest possible cost per cubic foot for offsite legal records storage, but we pride ourselves in the security and accuracy of our operation.

SafeGuard uses RS-SQL, an O’Neil management system, to manage your legal records. Each item is bar coded and scanned multiple times prior to shelving to ensure inventory accuracy.

Our Record Center is sprinkler-equipped. Our system is inspected and tested several times a year. Attorneys and others may review our Inspection records upon request.

We have conference rooms for lawyers, attorneys, and paralegals to perform document discovery activity at our facility.

Attorney Document Storage Services

In a hotel room sixty miles from your office, you’re up late reviewing a case and suddenly realize you could use a certain file for tomorrow’s presentation.

It’s 2:00 a.m. Who will bring that legal file to you now?

Our document storage services include:

  • Emergency deliveries!
  • Scheduled pickup and deliveries
  • Open shelf filing
  • File retrieval
  • Storage Containers
  • Indexing and inventorying
  • Certified document destruction
  • Business Continuity planning assistance

SafeGuard Data Storage provides numerous legal records storage and attorney information management services to assist you in managing your active and archival records. We serve Dallas and Fort Worth Texas and surrounding areas.

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SafeGuard Data Storage provides numerous legal records storage and attorney information management services to assist you in managing your active and archival records.

Betty SauberLinbeck Construction
Safeguard provides a valuable service for Linbeck and the customer service can’t be beat!
Chris Row
Safeguard Data Storage has been the best data storage partner I’ve worked with. They’re reliability has been 100%, their flexibility goes above and beyond many larger competitors, and the personal feel they bring to service is above the rest.
Lisa HundleyFiber Systems International
SafeGuard Data Storage has been a strong team member of AFSI for many years.  From the start of the contract to current day, their customer support has been superior from customer service to the friendly and courteous couriers. We are pleased to have them as one of our most important business partners and look forward to a continued relationship for many years to come.
Jeff DucasseInspirus
I have had the opportunity to work with Safeguard since February of 2013. I feel secure knowing that at the drop of a hat I can get support from the staff there. Whether I need to change schedules, have tapes returned at a moment’s notice, or just update a log sheet – someone is always available to help!
Sonja PiearceFFE Transportation
I love being able to do things on my own.  With Safeguard’s web portal for tape management, I can control everything, which is why I like their system.  I can send off, move around, change delivery dates, send messages to staff, etc.  I rarely have to pick up the phone and call anyone.  It’s all there and very user friendly.  I’ve been using it for years and use it every day with no issues.
Tracy JacksonHigginbothom
Higginbotham has used SafeGuard Data Storage for several years, and I have always received great customer service. When I need files pulled, they are very quick to handle my request. When I use their online system, it is easy to navigate. Overall, I’m very satisfied with their service and plan to stay with SafeGuard Data Storage for years to come.
Tom RubensteinEMSI
Your flexibility and willingness to work with us made this all possible. We were able to save money and time while becoming more efficient.
Karl A. KomatsuKomatsu Architecture
Thank you for helping us improve a neglected but important resource maintenance task of our operation that we take for granted every day.