SafeGuard Data Storage: Serving Dallas-Fort Worth, TX For 15 Years

Whether you need Records Storage, Document Shredding, or Media Vault Data Storage, SafeGuard has plans to fit your needs and budget.

Document Management

Store your documents offsite to save time, money and space. We use the best software to help you manage your documents and maintain them in our safe and secure facility.

Offsite Tape Vaulting & Data Protection

Storing your data offsite is an important part of a disaster control and recovery plan, eliminating any worry about natural disasters, human error, or computer viruses.

Document Shredding

You can earmark files for destruction quickly and easily using our modern software and security checks that ensure no mistakes are made before any files are destroyed.

Document Imaging

While the business landscape hasn’t become paperless yet, it is certainly trending in that direction. Improve productivity, reduce storage space, and have access to your documents 24/7.

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Today’s changing environment affects the way that information needs to be maintained. Whether it’s information in a data file or hard copy paper records, all organizations need to be able to capture and retrieve information, usually at a moment’s notice. The “paperless office” promoted twenty years ago has become anything but.

As information and the way we create and maintain it continues to change, new and old laws and regulations evolve on a seemingly daily basis. Adherence to regulations such as HIPAA / HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Patriot Act to name a few, have increased the awareness of how important the safekeeping of information is to an organization.

The need to prevent data loss due to either an internal or external failure has become a critical component to an organization’s business continuity plan. SafeGuard Data Storage’s mission is to provide the most secure environment for any organization’s vital information. Thank you for visiting our site.

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“Thank you for helping us improve a neglected but important resource maintenance task of our operation that we take for granted every day.”

Karl A. Komatsu

President, KOMATSU

“The staff is great. Safeguard is very responsive both daily and as needed for emergency tape recalls. Thanks for the great service.”

“Your flexibility and willingness to work with us made this all possible. We were able to save money and time while becoming more efficient.”

Tom Rubenstein